Monday, June 14, 2010

Saudi-style abayas---does anyone know where I can buy ready-made in Oman?

I saw a girl in Centerpoint the other day, with an abaya like these, colourful fabric inside, with a sheer black layer over top. She looked AMAZING. I know these looks are all from Saudi Arabia, and I could so easily get them made at a tailor (and intend to after I make a three father-of-the-tail plain colour dresses in pale grey, mint, teal, and pink velvet). But does anyone know where, if there is a shop, sells the ready-made ones?

The girls had white satin fabric printed with multi-coloured stars and with the black sheer over top. I just had to go up to her and tell her MashaAllah.

Images taken from and she has a shop! If You make an enquiry with her, she'll look for what you are looking for:)


IamSilla said...

i agree its pretty!!! i saw an arab woman wear it once in malaysia, to bad in malaysia, there is no store that is selling abaya orginally from middle east :(

Anonymous said...

Something nice to wear in a party. Honestly, would you wear that in public?.. the dangling sleeves.. the rainbow colors..too much.. the original abaya beats em all.. Right? ;PP


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

IamSilla: I love them.

PnatomX: LOL, I wouldn't wear them where I am in Muscat but the one the girl was wearing in Centerpoint, the white underneath was very elegant and not too over-the-top. I would choose a bit quieter of fabrics but some places in Oman are very colourful and wearing head-to-toe purple polka-dots or red flowers isn't a big issue.